Details of the Shin Cup comp held on Saturday 8th July 2023.

A total of 17 fishers took part in the competition, it was a very hard fishing day with the strong East wind and high temperature, neverthelessthere were a total of 70+ fish caught on the day, with 2 exceptional trout caught which is unheard of.

The overall winner was Hamish Chisholm with 9 fish weighing a total of 10lb the heaviest of this catch was 5lb 120z any other day this would wipe the board, however there was a bigger fish caught.

Biggest fish caught by Stuart Mcphillips at 7lb 14oz

Boobie Prize was N. Holden with 1 fish at 14oz

Can I on behalf of the club thank Cooke Aquaculture for the very generous Sponsorship given to the club, it is very much appreciated and very welcome. We hope it will continue for many years to come.